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A lot of my favorite D'landers who haven't updated in months (some of them for six months or more) are finally updating again, I figure I may as well write another update.

Work is going smoothly. I only forecast ninethree (I had to look) days out of the whole month of February. Three days of actual work out of 28 possible days.

That's 10.7% of the whole month that I will be doing what I was trained for close to a year to do. The rest of the time, I will be "training" (surfing the Net for eight hours), doing resource protection (making sure lightening doesn't strike close to any of our bases in the Med), or doing various base clean-up duties (very minimal work).

Chris and I move out on the 24th. That's less than three weeks away, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm sick to death of living in the Airman's quarters. It works fine if you are 18 and have never gone to college.

I used to think living in the dorms at college was sooooo fun and soooo cool. Now, I see it as a form of hell on earth.

Three floors of independent bliss.

I haven't shown you the new puppy, have I?


His name is Squirt. He's all puppy-like right now. But in the week we have had him, he has learned his name, the meaning of the word "No!", and how to beg by sitting and staring.

I can't wait to get him completely trained to the way I think a dog should behave. When I had Daisy the Dog, I remember it taking a while, but she eventually came around and learned the rules of the house while still having a very independent personality.

Right now, I am fighting from getting aggrivated when he scratches on my bare legs when he wants up on the couch. I use the "pennies in a Coke can" method of training him the word "NO!" So, every five minutes, I shake the can right in his face and yell "NO!" It makes watching TV a little distracting, but the can is getting used less and less as he learns more.

Chris and I are on a diet. I don't know about her, but I lost three pounds in the past week.

It's not a miracle diet, but I bet I keep those three pounds off for longer than, say, an Atkins Diet person.

Here is my diet: Eat anything and everything you want. Just eat half of what is given. You can eat all of the salad dressing you want as long as you don't 1) use a cream-based dressing, or 2) drown your salad in vinaigrette. I make the best salads that rarely need more than just a hint of lemon juice and a jigger of olive oil.

Oh, and I exercise for an hour a day, three days a week.

I want to get down to 190, but ideally getting down to 185 or 180 would be a nice dream. It isn't unfathomable. It's only 10-20 pounds away. I can do that.

Well, that's it for now. I'll update again later this week.

4:43 p.m. - Saturday, Feb. 05, 2005


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